The Girl Who Cried Baboon

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Date: 00-00-2010


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Pilots on alert for high flying vulture.

14 year old girl trolls Missouri police department. A 14 year old girl claimed to have taken a picture of an escaped baboon in her backyard has turned out to be a hoax when police learned of an identical picture on a wildlife website:

Seraching for Cameron Diaz carries a one-in-ten chance of landing on a malicious website. McAffee compiles celebrities who’s names are most likely to be used by spammers.

Google defends Street View in Germany. Only in Germany are users given the right to opt out of having their homes shown in Street View.

German photog wanting to defend the right to take pictures of public places plans to shoot buildings excluded from Street View..

Scientists map massive North Atlantic garbage patch. This discovery is interesting and disturbing because a similar patch was previously found in the Pacific. -

The moon’s surface is wrinkling up, NASA suspects the moon's core is cooling. Who knew something rocky like a moon would shrivel up?

Vulture found: ] Poppy Flower Paintings

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Podington Bear Music

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Executive Producer: Andrew Baron

Producer & Director: Leah D'Emilio

Host: Molly

Lead Editor: Barry Pousman


Writers: Andrew Baron, Molly, Chris Menning

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